The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Marie-Joseph-Gaston-Henri Choderlos de Laclos

Choderlos de Laclos, Marie-Joseph-Gaston-Henri


* 30th of September 1878

† 1970


1926-09-25 Lieutenant-Colonel
1930-12-25 Colonel
1936-05-28 Brigadier-General


1926-XX-XX Attached to 4th Cuirassiers Regiment
1928-XX-XX Attached to 2nd African Chasseurs Regiment
1928-XX-XX 1928-07-23 Attached to Horse Establishments in Algeria
1928-07-23 1933-08-XX Director of Horse Establishments in Algeria & Tunisia
1933-08-XX 1934-10-11 Commanding Officer 11th Chasseurs Regiment
1934-10-11 Temporary Commanding Officer 1st Cavalry Brigade
1936-05-28 1936-10-15 Commanding Officer 6th Cavalry Brigade
1936-10-15 1938-09-03 Commanding Officer 2nd Cavalry Brigade
1938-09-03 Retired
1940-06-15 Commanding Officer Sub-Division Group Clermont Ferrand
1940-06-15 Prisoner of War