The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Isamu Cho

Cho, Isamu


* 19th of January 1895

† 23rd of June 1945

(長 勇)


1938-07-15 Colonel
1941-10-15 Major-General
1945-03-01 Lieutenant-General


1937-08-15 1937-11-02 Chief of 2nd Section, Shanghai Expeditionary Force
1937-11-02 1938-03-01 Attached to Central China Area Army
1938-03-01 1939-03-09 Commanding Officer 74th Regiment, Manchuria
1939-03-09 1940-08-01 Chief of Staff 26th Division
1940-08-01 1940-09-06 Attached to Taiwan Army Headquarters
1940-09-07 1941-07-05 Chief of Staff Indochina Expeditionary Army
1941-06-28 1941-09-26 Vice Chief of Staff 25th Army
1941-09-26 1941-11-XX Attached to Military Affairs Bureau, Ministry of War
1941-XX-XX Vice Chief of Staff Unit 82 (Strike South planning), Manchuria
1941-11-XX 1942-07-09 Head of Southern Army Special Agency, Indochina
1942-XX-XX Southern Army Liaison Officer to 14th Army, Philippines
1942-07-09 1942-11-10 Attached to Military Affairs Bureau, Ministry of War
1942-11-10 1944-03-01 Commanding Offcer Infantry 10th Division, Manchuria
1944-03-01 1944-06-26 Attached to Kwantung Army Headquarters
1944-03-01 1944-XX-XX Commanding Officer 1st Mobile Brigade
1944-06-26 1944-07-08 Attached to General Staff Headquarters
1944-07-08 1945-06-23 Chief of Staff 32nd Army, Okinawa
1945-06-23 Committed suicide, Okinawa
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley