The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Paul-Antoine Chassard

Chassard, Paul-Antoine


* 27th of July 1895

† 1976


1936-12-25 Lieutenant-Colonel
1940-12-25 Colonel
1943-12-20 Brigadier-General
1944-10-01 Reverted to Colonel
1945-01-25 Brigadier-General (Dated back to 1943-12-20)


1936-12-01 Staff Officer, 1st Bureau, Colonial Troops Directorate, Ministry of War
1938-09-01 1939-01-01 Head of 1st Bureau, Colonial Troops Directorate, Ministry of War
1939-01-01 1939-10-10 Technical Assistant to the Director-General of Colonial Troops, Ministry of War
1939-10-10 1940-06-24 Chief of Staff, 52nd Infantry Division
1940-06-24 1941-07-22 Prisoner of War
1941-07-22 Released for reasons of health
1941-09-10 1942-09-15 Commanding Officer 13th Senegalese Tirailleurs Regiment
1942-09-15 1943-08-01 Director of Colonial Troops
1945-04-XX 1945-09-16 General Officer Commanding Central Division, French West Africa
1945-XX-XX Commanding Officer 3rd French West African Brigade