The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Jacques-Marie-Joseph-François Campet

Campet, Jacques-Marie-Joseph-François


* 2nd of February 1888

† 15th of July 1958


1937-12-25 Colonel
1941-02-20 Brigadier-General


1930-03-25 Attached to 67th Infantry Regiment
1936-XX-XX 1937-08-20 Staff Officer, Centre des Hautes Études Militaire
1937-08-20 1937-12-25 Temporary Commanding Officer 92nd Infantry Regiment
1937-12-25 1939-10-23 Commanding Officer 92nd Infantry Regiment 39 : Chief of Staff, 8th Army
1941-01-06 1943-XX-XX Chief of Military Cabinet, to Marshal Pétain