The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Eedson Louis Millard Burns

Burns, Eedson Louis Millard


* 16th of September 1897

† 13th of September 1985

Nickname: Tommy


1935-07-15 Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel
1940-05-14 Colonel
1941-02-01 Temporary Brigadier
1941-08-01 Relinquishes the rank of Temporary Brigadier
1942-02-01 Temporary Brigadier
1943-05-01 Major-General
1944-03-20 Acting Lieutenant-General
1944-10-14 Relinquishes the rank of Acting Lieutenant-General
1958-01-01 Lieutenant-General


1931-05-01 1936-12-24 General Staff Officer 2 (Surveys), National Defence Headquarters
1936-12-25 1938-12-14 General Staff Officer, 4th Military District
1939-02-02 1939-09-03 Attending the Imperial Defence College
1939-09-03 1939-09-17 General Staff Officer 1, Canada House London
1939-09-17 1940-05-19 General Staff Officer 1, Canadian Military Headquarters [England]
1940-05-04 1940-05-XX Commanding Officer Canadian Reinforcement at Aldershot
1940-05-29 1940-08-05 General Staff Officer 1, 2nd Canadian Division
1940-XX-XX 1941-XX-XX Assistant Deputy Chief of the General Staff, National Defence Headquarters
1941-04-10 1941-08-01 Brigadier General Staff, Canadian Corps [England]
1941-08-01 1942-02-01 Chief Administration Officer Canadian Armoured Corps
1942-02-01 1943-04-29 Commanding Officer 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade
1943-04-29 1944-01-10 General Officer Commanding 2nd Canadian Division [England]
1944-01-30 1944-03-19 General Officer Commanding 5th Canadian Armoured Division [Italy]
1944-03-20 1944-11-05 General Officer Commanding I Canadian Corps [Italy]
1944-12-05 1945-09-05 Chief of Canadian Section, Headquarters 1st Echelon, 21st Army Group [Northwest Europe]
1945-XX-XX 1946-XX-XX Director-General of Rehabilitation
1950-XX-XX 1954-XX-XX Deputy Minister of Veteran Affairs
1954-XX-XX 1956-XX-XX Chief of Staff UN Emergency Supervision Organisation Palestine
1956-XX-XX 1959-XX-XX General Officer Commanding United Nations Forces at Suez
Picture source: Courtesy of Clive M. Law