The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Major-General  Bu Hanchi

Bu Hanchi


* 1893

† 1971



1922-06-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Post rank)
1924-10-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1925-08-XX Major (Post rank)
1928-03-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Post rank)
1931-06-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1936-03-20 Lieutenant-Colonel
1938-09-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1940-12-05 Colonel
1946-07-31 Major-General


1922-06-XX 1924-10-XX Staff Officer, 1st Division, Guangxi Army
1924-10-XX 1925-06-XX Chief of Staff, 1st Division, Guangxi Army
1925-06-XX 1925-08-XX Unemployed
1925-08-XX 1928-03-XX Adjutant, 11th Division
1928-03-XX 1929-04-XX Adjutant, 4th Army
1929-04-XX 1929-08-XX Adjutant, 1st Division
1929-08-XX 1931-06-XX Adjutant, 59th Division
1931-06-XX 1934-09-XX Chief of Adjutant Section, 1st Army, 1st Army Group
1934-09-XX 1937-08-XX Attending the Army College
1937-08-XX 1938-09-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Officer 460th Brigade, 154th Division
1938-09-XX 1940-02-XX Commanding Officer 460th Brigade, 154th Division
1940-02-XX 1942-08-XX Chief of Adjutant Section 12th Army Group
1942-08-XX 1945-06-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 152nd Division
1945-06-XX 1946-07-31 Senior Staff Officer, Command Section, 7th War Area
1946-07-31 Retired