The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Félix-Antoinin-Gabriel Brocard

Brocard, Félix-Antoinin-Gabriel


* 14th of November 1885

† 29th of May 1950

(Armée de l'Air)


1937-01-21 Brigadier-General


1937-01-21 Retired
1939-08-28 Recalled
1939-09-02 1940-05-01 Commandant of École Principale de Pilotage d'Etampes
1940-05-01 1940-05-25 Assistant Commanding Officer 2nd Air Region
1940-05-25 1940-06-01 Head of the Organization for Training the Polish Air Force
1940-06-01 1940-07-01 Special Adviser to the Chief of the Air Force for Air Defence of the Interior
1940-07-01 1940-07-30 Commanding Officer Aulnat Air Base
1940-07-30 Retired