The Generals of WWII

Generals from Yugoslavia Flag for Yugoslavia
Portrait of Brigadier-General Radojko Brkić

Brkić, Radojko


* 17th of March 1883


1923-09-17 1924-05-26 Interim Commanding Officer 3rd Regiment
1924-05-26 1928-04-30 Interim Commanding Officer 33rd Regiment
1928-04-30 1930-10-29 Commanding Officer 30th Regiment
1930-10-29 1932-12-14 Commanding Officer Infantry Šumadiske Divisional District
1932-12-14 1933-05-11 Commanding Officer Infantry Zetske Divisional District
1933-05-11 Retired
1941-04-XX Recalled
1941-04-XX Commanding Officer Rear 27th Division Savske