The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Edouard Brémond

Brémond, Edouard


* 5th of November 1868

† 22nd of November 1948


1917-01-11 Colonel (Dated back to 1916-12-31)
1923-09-06 Brigadier-General


1914-XX-XX 1915-XX-XX Commanding Officer 64th Infantry Regiment
1916-08-XX 1917-12-XX Head of the French Military Mission to Egypt
1919-10-01 1920-09-XX Chief Administrator of Cilicia [Armenia]
1920-XX-XX 1921-01-22 Commanding Officer 415th Infantry Regiment
1921-01-22 1923-04-10 Commanding Officer 54th Infantry Regiment
1923-04-10 Attached to 6th Infantry Regiment
1923-10-25 1928-11-05 Commanding Officer 2nd Group Sub-Divisions, 17th Military Region
1928-11-05 Retired
1939-09-02 1939-10-01 Member of the Executive Committee of African Friendships
1939-10-01 Retired