The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Kenneth Marten Body

Body, Kenneth Marten


* 9th of June 1883

† 23rd of December 1973

(Royal Army Ordnance Corps)


1916-06-03 Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel
1917-08-18 Acting Lieutenant-Colonel
1921-01-31 Reverted to Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel
1928-03-14 Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel
1928-03-26 Lieutenant-Colonel
1934-06-01 Colonel (Dated back to 1919-06-08)
1938-11-11 Temporary Brigadier
1939-05-31 Major-General


1921-02-01 1925-01-31 Deputy Assistant Director of Equipment & Ordnance Service, War Office
1931-03-21 1934-05-31 Instructor at Royal Army Ordnance Corps School of Instruction
1938-11-11 1939-05-31 Inspector of Army Ordnance Services, War Office
1939-05-31 1942-XX-XX Director of Ordnance Services, War Office
1942-06-28 Retired
1942-12-19 1951-06-10 Colonel Commandant, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley