The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General Valentino Bobbio

Bobbio, Valentino


* 29th of September 1872

† 13th of June 1940


1932-12-04 General (Designated)


1916-03-XX Chief of Staff, Italian Occupation Corps in Albania
1916-06-13 Chief of Staff, XIV Corps
1922-XX-XX 1925-XX-XX Commanding Officer Brigade Liverno
1925-10-15 1927-10-15 Commandant of Modena Military Academy
Commanding Officer 3rd Alpine Brigade
1932-11-28 1933-08-01 Inspector-General of Alpine Troops
1933-07-28 1935-11-12 General Officer Commanding Verona Corps
1935-11-30 1937-10-01 Inspector of Infantry
1939-04-17 1940-06-13 Member of the Commission for the Armed Forces, Senate
Picture source: promotion: 28.11.1932 Lieutenant-General