The Generals of WWII

Generals from Canada Flag for Canada
Portrait of Brigadier Kenneth Gault Blackader

Blackader, Kenneth Gault


* 19th of December 1897

† 28th of April 1967


1938-XX-XX 1941-XX-XX Commanding Officer Black Watch
1941-03-24 1941-04-15 Acting Commanding 5th Canadian Brigade
1942-01-20 1944-09-28 Commanding Officer 8th Canadian Brigade [England] - North-West Europe
1944-08-09 1944-08-17 Acting General Officer 3rd Canadian Division
1944-11-18 1945-08-31 Commanding Officer 13th Canadian Brigade
1945-XX-XX Commanding Officer Group D Canadian Reinforcements Units [England]
Picture source: Courtesy of Clive M. Law