The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Jean-Joseph-René Besse

Besse, Jean-Joseph-René


* 19th of January 1884

† 1st of March 1954


1932-09-25 Lieutenant-Colonel
1936-12-25 Colonel
1940-06-01 Temporary Brigadier-General
1940-06-25 Brigadier-General


1931-XX-XX Commandant of the École Militaire Préparatoire de Rambouillet
1936-XX-XX 1936-12-25 Temporary Commanding Officer 121st Infantry Regiment
1936-12-25 1938-10-21 Commanding Officer 121st Infantry Regiment
1938-10-21 Chief of Military Preparation & Training of the Reserves Section, 14th Military Region 02.09.39-13.06.40: Commanding Officer Fortified Sector Boulay
1940-06-13 1940-06-23 General Officer Commanding March Division Besse
1940-06-23 Prisoner of War