The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General Adalberto Leopoldo Elena Giuseppe Bergamo

Bergamo, Adalberto Leopoldo Elena Giuseppe


* 19th of March 1898

† 12th of December 1982

Nickname: Duca di Bergamo

Nickname: Princippe di Savoia Genova


1924-10-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1929-03-XX Colonel
1934-03-01 Brigadier-General
1936-02-XX Major-General
1938-03-15 Lieutenant-General


1927-XX-XX 1930-XX-XX Attending the War School
1931-03-01 1934-03-01 Commanding Officer 3rd Cavalry Regiment "Savoia Cavalleria"
1934-03-01 1935-09-20 Commanding Officer 6th Infantry Brigade
1935-09-20 1936-02-XX Deputy General Officer Commanding 24th Infantry Division "Gran Sasso" [East Africa]
1936-02-XX 1936-07-XX General Officer Commanding 24th Division Gran Sasso [East Africa]
1936-07-XX General Officer Commanding 58th Infantry Division "Legano"
General Officer Commanding III Corps
1940-XX-XX 1942-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 8th Army
1943-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 7th Army
Picture source: "Generali Dell'Impero" by Vinicio Araldi, 1940