The Generals of WWII

Generals from Great Britain Flag for Great Britain
Portrait of Major-General Edward Riou Benson

Benson, Edward Riou


* 4th of April 1903

† 17th of February 1985

(Royal Artillery)


1941-03-07 Acting Lieutenant-Colonel
1941-06-07 Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel
1942-10-01 Acting Colonel
1942-10-01 Acting Brigadier
1943-04-01 War Substantive Lieutenant-Colonel
1943-04-01 Temporary Colonel
1943-04-01 Temporary Brigadier
1946-03-29 Colonel
1951-01-10 Temporary Major-General
1951-07-28 Major-General


Commanding Officer 76th Anti-Aircraft Brigade
Commander Royal Artillery, 52nd Infantry Division
Commander Royal Artillery 51st Infantry Division
1948-XX-XX 1950-XX-XX Deputy Director of the British Military Government Berlin
1951-01-10 1953-10-20 General Officer Commanding 4th Anti-Aircraft Group
1953-12-06 1954-06-14 Special employment
1954-06-15 1957-06-15 Chief of Staff, Middle East Land Forces
1957-09-09 Retired
1960-12-15 1965-12-01 Colonel Commandant, Royal Artillery