The Generals of WWII

Generals from Yugoslavia Flag for Yugoslavia
Portrait of Major-General Vladimir J. Belić

Belić, Vladimir J.


* 15th of August 1877

† 21st of February 1943


1918-01-05 1918-11-25 Commandant of Infantry Non-Commissioned Officers' School Bizerti
1918-11-25 1919-07-01 Commandant of III Infantry Non-Commissioned Officers' School
1919-07-01 1923-XX-XX Commandant of II Infantry Non-Commissioned Officers' School
1923-XX-XX 1923-08-03 Deputy Superintendent at the Military Academy
1923-08-03 1924-02-14 Attached to Infantry Inspectorate
1924-02-14 1927-02-17 Deputy Superintendent at the Military Academy
1927-02-17 1931-04-30 Interim General Officer Commanding Drinske Divisional District
1931-04-30 1936-10-14 Deputy General Officer Commanding 1st Army District
1936-09-26 Retired
1941-04-XX Recalled
1941-04-XX General Officer Commanding 7th Army Rear Area
1941-04-XX 1943-02-21 Prisoner of War, Germany
1943-02-21 Died in Prisoner of War Camp