The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier Jocelyn Arthur Barlow

Barlow, Jocelyn Arthur


* 28th of August 1901

† 1975

(The West Yorkshire Regiment)


1941-06-01 Acting Lieutenant-Colonel
1941-09-01 Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel
1942-04-19 Acting Colonel
1942-10-19 War Substantive Lieutenant
1942-10-19 Temporary Colonel
1943-07-10 Acting Brigadier
1944-01-10 Temporary Brigadier
1945-12-25 Colonel (Dated back to 1945-10-19)
1950-09-01 Brigadier


1942-12-15 Deputy Director-General of Artillery, Weapon Technical Staff (Field Forces), Ministry of Supply
1946-01-01 Director of Artillery (Small Arms), Ministry of Supply
1953-08-29 Retired