The Generals of WWII

Generals from Australia Flag for Australia
Portrait of Brigadier Lewis Ernest Stephen Barker

Barker, Lewis Ernest Stephen


* 5th of May 1895

† 13th of December 1981


1939-11-13 1940-04-25 Assistant Director of Artillery, Army Headquarters
1940-04-26 1940-08-20 Commanding Officer 2nd/2nd Australian Field Artillery Regiment
1940-08-21 1941-03-17 Commanding Officer 2nd/1st Australian Field Artillery Regiment [North Africa]
1941-04-19 1942-04-05 Director of Artillery, Army Headquartesr
1942-04-06 1943-02-01 Commander Corps Royal Artillery, I Australian Corps [New Guinea]
1943-03-08 1943-09-03 Brigadier Royal Artillery, 1st Australian Army
1943-09-04 1944-04-30 Brigadier Royal Artillery, New Guinea Force
1944-05-01 1945-01-18 Brigadier Royal Artillery, 1st Australian Army
1945-06-18 1946-03-31 Brigadier Royal Artillery, Army Headquarters
1946-04-01 1949-03-12 District Officer Commanding 4th Military District
1949-03-12 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Anonymous