The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of General 1st Rank  Bai Chongxi

Bai Chongxi

General 1st Rank

* 18th of March 1893

† 2nd of December 1966


(Pai Chung-hsi)


1935-04-03 General 2nd Rank
1945-10-03 General 1st Rank


1926-XX-XX 1927-XX-XX Commanding Officer 13th Army
1927-XX-XX Commanding Officer Shanghai & Woosung Garrison Command
1927-XX-XX Commanding Officer 2nd National Republican Army
1931-XX-XX Deputy Commander in Chief 4th Army Group
1937-XX-XX Commanding Officer 5th Route Army
1937-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Deputy Chief of Staff Military Commission
1937-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Member of the Standing Committee of the Kuomintang Central Executive Committee
1938-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Minister of Board of Military Training
1938-XX-XX 1939-XX-XX Commander in Chief 5th War Area
1939-XX-XX 1940-XX-XX Director of Guilin Pacification Headquarters
1945-XX-XX Acting Commander in Chief 4th Army Group
1946-XX-XX 1949-XX-XX Minister of National Defence
1948-XX-XX Commander in Chief in Hebei Province
Picture source: Courtesy of Jon Zhou