The Generals of WWII

Generals from Hungary Flag for Hungary
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Alajos  Béldy

Béldy, Alajos


* 8th of July 1889

† 22nd of December 1946


1939-11-01 Major-General
1944-01-01 Lieutenant-General


1927-XX-XX 1932-XX-XX Military Attaché to Great Britain
1930-XX-XX 1932-XX-XX Military Attaché to USA
1937-10-01 1940-12-24 Commanding Officer 2nd Cavalry Brigade
1940-12-24 1941-08-11 Chief of "Miklós Toldi" Army Sports Institute
1941-08-11 1943-02-01 Chief of Group VII (Training), Ministry of Defence
1943-02-01 1944-09-26 National Leader of Pre-military Training & Athletics
1944-09-26 1944-10-16 Commander in Chief of the Home Guard
Picture source: Courtesy of Andris J. Kursietis