The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier Arthur Somerville Archdale

Archdale, Arthur Somerville


* 8th of September 1882

† 30th of March 1948

(Royal Artillery)


1931-01-31 Lieutenant-Colonel
1935-01-31 Colonel
1937-11-24 Temporary Brigadier
1939-09-09 Granted the honorary rank of Brigadier
1942-02-12 Re-granted the honorary rank of Brigadier


1931-XX-XX 1935-01-31 Commanding Officer 9th Field Brigade Royal Artillery
1935-01-31 1935-10-01 Half-pay
1935-10-01 1939-11-XX Commander Royal Artillery, 42nd Infantry Division 09.09.39: Retired, but remained employed
1940-06-06 General Staff Officer 1, Department of the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for War
1942-02-12 Retired