The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Kisaburō Andō

Andō, Kisaburō


* 11th of February 1879

† 10th of May 1954


(あんどう きさぶろう)


1922-08-15 Colonel
1927-07-26 Major-General
1932-04-11 Lieutenant-General


1919-07-XX 1921-07-XX Attached to Personnel Bureay, Ministry of War
1921-07-XX 1922-02-XX Attached to 73rd Infantry Regiment
1922-02-XX 1922-08-15 Commanding Officer 3rd Garrison, 19th Division
1922-08-15 1923-08-16 Commanding Officer 2nd Infantry Regiment
1923-08-16 1927-07-26 Chief of Awards Branch, Personnel Bureau, Ministry of War
1927-07-26 1929-01-28 Commanding Officer 30th Infantry Brigade
1929-01-28 1932-04-11 Attached to 1st Division
1932-04-11 1934-03-05 Commandant of Ryojun (Port Arthur) Fortress
1934-03-05 1934-03-24 In reserve
1934-03-24 Retired
1937-09-02 Recalled
1937-09-02 1939-03-09 General Officer Commanding 9th Depot Division
1939-03-09 Retired
1942-06-09 1943-04-20 Minister without Portfolio
1943-04-20 1944-07-22 Minister of Home Affairs
1944-07-22 1945-12-XX Member of House of Lords
1945-12-XX 1948-12-XX Arrested as a suspected war criminal
1948-12-XX Released
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