The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Andrian Zakharovich Akimenko

Akimenko, Andrian Zakharovich


* 6th of September 1898

† February 1989

(Андриан Захарович Акименко)


1942-01-10 Major-General


1941-08-02 1942-08-19 Commanding Officer 127th Rifle Division
1941-08-19 1942-02-13 Commanding Officer 2nd Guards Rifle Division
1942-01-28 1942-05-17 Commanding Officer III Guards Rifle Corps
1944-01-19 1944-12-02 Commanding Officer LXXV Rifle Corps
1945-01-09 1945-05-11 Commanding Officer LXXV Rifle Corps
Picture source: Courtesy of Evgeny Kabalin