The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Shun Akikusa

Akikusa, Shun


* 6th of April 1894

† 22nd of March 1949

(秋草 俊)

(あきくさ しゅん)


1936-06-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1939-03-09 Colonel
1943-08-02 Major-General


1940-03-20 1942-12-01 Advisor to Manchukuo
1940-03-20 1942-12-01 Chief of Hoshiki (Star) Agency
1942-12-01 1945-02-01 Commanding Officer 4th Border Garrison [Manchuria]
1945-02-01 1945-09-02 Chief of Intelligence Section, Kwantung Army
1945-09-XX 1949-03-22 Prisoner of War [Soviet Union]
1948-XX-XX Condemned to 25 years imprisonment as war criminal [Soviet Union]
1949-03-22 Died in Prison [Soviet Union]