The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Ivan Mikhailovich Afonin

Afonin, Ivan Mikhailovich


* 20th of April 1904

† 16th of January 1979

(Иван Михайлович Афонин)


1943-03-31 Major-General
1945-05-29 Lieutenant-General


1939-12-XX 1940-09-XX Assistant Chief of Ad Hoc Group for Special Assignments, Odessa Military District
1940-09-XX 1941-02-XX Senior Inspector of Infantry, Odessa Military District
1941-02-XX 1941-03-XX Senior Aide to the Chief of the General Staff
1941-03-XX 1941-08-20 Commanding Officer 469th Rifle Regiment
1941-08-20 1942-02-11 Commanding Officer 333rd Rifle Division
1942-04-XX 1942-07-30 Chief of Staff, V Cavalry Corps
1942-07-30 1943-02-07 Commanding Officer 300th Rifle Division
1943-02-XX 1943-04-XX At disposal of Marshal G.K. Zhukov
1943-04-18 1943-04-28 General Officer Commanding XXVII Rifle Corps
1943-04-28 1945-01-21 Commanding Officer XVIII Guards Rifle Corps
1945-01-21 Wounded
1945-04-06 1946-02-25 Commanding Officer XVIII Guards Rifle Corps
1948-03-XX 1949-05-XX Deputy Chief of Staff, Belorussian Military District
1948-03-XX 1949-05-XX Chief of Operations Section, Belorussian Military District
1949-05-XX 1951-09-XX Assistant Commanding Officer 1st Red Banner Army
1951-09-23 1954-06-XX Commanding Officer CXXIII Rifle Corps
1954-06-XX 1956-11-XX First Deputy Commander in Chief Western Siberian Military District
1956-11-15 1960-05-24 Commanding Officer 14th Army
1960-05-XX 1968-06-XX Senior Instructor at the Military Academy of the General Staff
1968-06-XX Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Ilya Mukhin