The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Vasilii Timofeevich Abashkin

Abashkin, Vasilii Timofeevich


* 24th of April 1899

† 1st of June 1962

(Василий Тимофеевич Абашкин)


1945-07-11 Major-General


Chief of Staff, ? Rifle Division
Chief of Operations Section, 52nd Army
1943-XX-XX Deputy Chief of Staff, 4th Army
1943-XX-XX Chief of Operations Section, 4th Army
1944-09-13 1945-XX-XX Chief of Staff, CXII Rifle Corps
1950-04-18 1953-04-27 Commandant of Leningrad Infantry School
1953-04-XX 1962-XX-XX Head of Military Arts History & Disciplines Department, State Institute of Physical Culture & Sports
1962-XX-XX Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Mikhail Eremenko