The Generals of WWII

Generals from Yugoslavia Flag for Yugoslavia
Portrait of Major-General Svetomir S. Đukić

Đukić, Svetomir S.


* 29th of May 1882

† 1960


1923-01-04 1924-04-01 Deputy Commanding Officer 35th Regiment
1924-04-01 1927-04-08 Commanding Officer 28th Regiment
1927-04-08 1927-04-28 Attached to the Staff of 2nd Army District
1927-04-28 1929-04-22 Attached to Training Department, General Staff
1929-04-22 1935-09-06 Commanding Officer Infantry Bosanske Divisional District
1935-09-06 1936-08-14 Deputy General Officer Commanding Vrbaske Divisional District
1936-08-14 1937-11-27 Chief of I Section, Inspectorate for State Defence
1937-09-27 1939-10-10 Interim General Officer Commanding Osječke Divisional District
1939-10-10 1940-02-14 Deputy General Officer Commanding 2nd Army District
1940-02-14 1940-09-12 General Officer Commanding Vardarske Divisional District
1940-09-12 1940-10-30 Deputy General Officer Commanding 3rd Army District
1940-10-30 Retired
1941-03-27 Recalled
Joined the Chetniks
1943-11-XX Head of Bureau For Work Coordination with Bulgaria
Commanding Officer Yugoslav Army in the Homeland for Sirmium
1945-XX-XX Emigrated to Germany